Job is the wealthiest man in the East, so perfect that satan jealously accuses Job of only loving God because he is blessed moving God to allow satan to test his love through suffering. God allows it and Job loses everything. Job's faithfulness moves satan to test him further…Job is afflicted with horrific boils that bring him to the brink of death..and ‘friends’ that almost break him..finally God shows up with an answer that is literally ‘out-of-this-world’.

Job experiences the loss of family, friends, wealth and health. His life is reduced to nightmares with physical and mental suffering . Job’s friends debate the possibilities of why this has happened. They attempt to convince Job of the possible reasons for his suffering and advise on what Job must do to be restored. Job does not budge. He stands on his integrity dismissing all arguments that he has done something wrong. The friends getting progressively angrier at Jobs stubbornness until they accuse him outright.