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Word-for-word Bible movie as a Raw Emotional Drama!

The Bible is an incredible book, it is the world's best seller and has changed countless lives....but is anyone reading it today?

The data suggests...not so much!

So why is Netflix, Disney and Marvel BOOMING and the Bible being left on the shelf? the answer is amazing...because no-one has made the movies...yet!

Check this out as a storyline:

The main character "Job" is 'Bill Gates' wealthy. He is perfect, has everything and then (true story) God and satan engage in a Supernatural 'bet' resulting in satan gaining permission to ‘test’ Job....which he does with a brutality and violence that really puts the true cause of suffering into perspective. In a minute Job dramatically loses everything and if his family being brutally killed and his posessions stolen wasn't enough Job still worships God.

Determined to finish the Job satan gets God to test him further. testing him to within an inch of his life. 

Job afflicted with horrific boils from head to foot, infested with parasites and tormented by delirious nightmares Job is stretched beyond what most would be able to bear.

Enter Jobs friends who hear about his torment and come to console him. But even though Job is anguish and despair and his friends try to understand, Job does the unforgivable, he just wont admit that he did something to deserve his punishment. His friends cannot handle that and turn on him, becoming his accusers.

In the end God works it all out in the longest 'God speaks" monologue in the Bible. 

This is an epic monologue rich movie that will portray a word-for-word Bible movie in a way that has never before been attempted and will open the door for an incredible new genre of word-for-word Bible Movies!

Help us faithfully ‘translate’ this timeless Bible story into a film!

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Make The Bible a word-for-word movie!!!

For over a thousand years the Bible has helped people behave better, act more kindly, thoughtfully, be nicer, more productive and generally made the world a better place....and shown us the way to get into heaven!

But today the Bible is being left on the shelf to get dusty...ignored. and while Hollywood pours billions of dollars into Marvel movies, Harry Potter books, Lord of the Rings and many others the incredibly rich, powerful, passionate, heartbreaking Bible stories have been left by the wayside!

This is a media generation and if you have any confidence that the Bible can change culture, affect lives, bring hope and healing then join us as we take on the massive word-changing project of turning the Bible into a movie, one book at a time and word-for-word without any bias, agenda or edits and additions, just the words 'translated' to movies, pure-and-simple

#1 World First is already completed!

We have already created the world's first word-for-word Bible movie book in an app www.biblemovie.com.auand this has had millions of downloads and more than 100,000 downloads, and has been provided with a bunch of language translations all as a purely volunteer project done in our loungeroom with the very generous support of an amazing Sydney businessman and philanthropist. Now we need your support to make this a reality!

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Fundraising Goals

The Job Movie Release and Distribution $200,000

Bible Movie App Translations: German, Russian, Swedish, Fijian, Yongl, Maori, Indonesian x4 dialects $20,000

The Song of Solomon Movie $400,000

The Book of Ruth Movie $500,000

The Book of Jonah Movie $700,000

Your donation will fund word-for-word full length feature film Bible movies, and see many tens of millions of people get to experience the Bible as a Movie,

Our goal is to create our own distribution platform for future films! This is the first time in history that this is actually possible. For the longest time the distribution of movies has been a highly guarded group of elite film distribution companies that call the shots and take the profits.

Today, with the explosion of online distribution platforms we have an incredible opportunity to develop our own distribution platform and, in time build a database of fans that know and love Bible movies and will be ready to enjoy new releases as they are produced.

This means that every dollar we spend sharing the Bible will actually be doubled as a tool to build networks for future distribution!

So not only will you be sharing the Bible-as-a-movie but you will help build a whole new platform for Bible Movie Distribution!  

looking for some very practical funding support to really get this project off the ground! all growth to date has been 100% organic, no money has been spent on advertising and the site has really had no real support or team attached to it.

We would like to grow this now, develop it, start to promote it and get the news out there by promoting and sharing the books of the Bible to those who really are looking for hope and answers to life's questions.

This is an incredible digital ministry! you will be helping get something started that genuinely has the ability to change the world!

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What will your donation achieve?

The Book of Job - released globally,

The Book of Ruth - A word-for-word cinematic production

The Book of Jonah - The Bible coming to life for a digital generation

Language Translations - So many nations crying out for translations!

Help us create genuine word-for-word Bible movies that will transform culture as a digital generation watch these films, many for the first time!

We are building a runway to distribution that will facitlitate a new world film distribution model. The Bible Movie App will be completely refreshed with a consistant presence acrosss all social media and marketing platforms. The management and promotion of the individual books will occur as social media ads and email funnels that will re-link viewers to the app and the paid content (future movies). As we grow this fan-base this will be the platform to release ‘word-for-word-movie-books’(while also using the multitude of online aggregators and distribution channels. Amazon, Netflix and God-Tube Youtube ‘pay-per-view’ portals) 

Original content will also be hosted on the www.biblemovie.com.au app as a paid upgrade and shared with aggregators and partners. 

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Who am I investing in?

Phoenix Blue Productions are responsible for the creation of the www.biblemovie.com.au app. creating the content over a 12 month period through 2,000 hours of editing together over 7,000 movies and stock footage clips. Phoenix Blue Productions are a low cost high impact educational vehicle which is bringing a unique product to a hungry audience.

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Market research

The Bible is the most read book ever published . The Biblical principles, ethics and laws are the foundational pillars of Western democracy. With the revolution in digital and phone technology there has been a drop in readership of the Bible (combined with a general drop in reading worldwide ) has been significant and documented with less than 10% of Christians today reading the Bible consistently . 

With the decline in the reading of paper books there has been a corresponding explosion in viewing of online media. Today Youtube has over 1 billion users (almost 1/3 of all internet users). 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube each day. More video content is uploaded every 30 days than has been uploaded on cable TV networks for 30 years. 45% of people watch more than 30 minutes of video on Facebook or YouTube each week. The average teenager watches online media for an average of 13 hours per week and two hours of that is spent watching porn . Tragically 68% of Christian men are watching online porn  on a regular basis. 

Overall, about half of Americans are “Bible users”—that is, they engage with the Bible on their own by using, listening to, watching, praying or using Bible text or content in any format (not including use at a church service) at least three to four times a year (48%). Bible use has remained relatively consistent since 2011. Adults who use the Bible daily account for 14 percent of the total adult population, followed by 13 percent who use it several times a week, 8 percent who do so once a week, 6 percent about once a month and 8 percent who use it three to four times a year.

For Bible users, the appeal of a print version of the Bible remains high at almost nine in 10 (89%). Little has changed in the preference for a physical copy of the scriptures in the last eight years since tracking began. Although use of digital formats is also on par with 2017, in general, use has steadily climbed since 2011. More than half of users now search for Bible content on the internet (57%) or a smartphone (55%), and another 42 percent use a Bible app on their phones. More than one-third listens to a teaching via podcast (35%) or audio version of the Bible (36%). Usage for all these formats continues to grow each year with the exception of small group usage, which appears to be on the decline again after having trended upward.

There are currently 2.2 Billion Christians and 2.5 Billion Bibles in circulation. Each year 100+ million Bibles are printed and the YouVersion Digital Bible is downloaded 100 million times continuing the 50+ year trend as the world’s “most read book”.

66,000+ people are using a Bible app right now and 30 people shared a Bible verse on social media in the last 10 seconds. 77% of people say that they read the Bible more frequently because they have it available on a mobile device. 60% of people use a digital Bible at church and 75% of Christians prefer digital Bibles to hard-copy versions.

Yet there is only one word-for-word movie Bible: www.biblemovie.com.au and (to date) the Bible has not been faithfully translated into word-for-word movies by any single distributor.

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Marketing Goals

This drought in Bible-based film success broke with Mel Gibson's controversial "The Passion of the Christ" (2004), an interpretation of the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus. Extremely profitable the film grossed $370 million (domestic). Due to dialogue in Hebrew and Aramaic, it was subtitled. It set a record for the highest-grossing independent film of all time. The unexpected ‘breakout’ success of this film caused production companies to scramble to create ‘faith-based’ film catalogues and has seen a rising trend (and success) of the faith based genre. Hearst Corporation and producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett created their own reimagining of the story via a TV miniseries, "The Bible", as well as the recent Gospel of John Project by Lumos. Hollywood openly now invests in the production of its biblical, or “Faith Based” or “Hope film” arms for the Christian market. 

In 2006, nearly 50 Judeo-Christian-faith films were produced. The films grossed an average $39 million. Movieguide publisher Ted Baehr said, "There is competition for the Christian audience now that there hasn't been before. I thought at some point it would level off, but so far it's getting bigger and bigger. It's more than I could have possibly imagined. One of the audiences that has become stable and even grown for books, music and movies is the Christian audience."

Hollywood struggles with biblically accurate films and is reticent to listen to the Christian market. The recent Aronofsky Noah film has been quite a very big shock for Hollywood, in that it has done well financially but there have been 80% of the Christian viewing public have said that they will only pay to see the upcoming Exodus movie if it remains true to biblical accounts. 68% of Christians report that it will be totally unlikely for them to see a Bible based film if it is not biblically accurate.  So there is a pressure on Hollywood to start to shift to Bible films, but it also shows that there’s a growing movement among Christians to cry out for strictly accurate biblical products.


 It is up to Christians to create 100% accurate bible-based Christian product. The hunger for digital Bible products is reflected in the rapid takeup of the Bible App and most popular audio Bibles.

The Bible Movie App  has achieved approximately 5.5 million views and 130,000 app downloads with little or no marketing or promotion. Once the English version of the video had been edited audio language translations are laid over the files to create foreign language versions. 

This is the world's first word-for-word Bible movie and this is just the beginning!

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