Dr.Peter McNamara - Composer            http://www.petermcnamara.com.au            http://www.sideband.com.au

A composer of dynamic and innovative experimental music based in Syndey, Australia. Dr Peter has worked as a freelance composer and producer across a wide variety of genres including orchestral, chamber, electronic, installation and film composition. His work is particularly influenced by landscapes and the physics of the natural world and universe. Composition provides a way to express and understand the world around me and an outlet for the sounds conceived by this imagination.

           Anthony Mac Dermott - Composer            https:/lwww.mccauleypetersandcripps.com/

Anthony MacDermott is a classically trained jazz pianist and plays piano in a number of jazz bands. Ultimately,his passion is composing and recording music of all styles and genres. Anthony has a special affinity with endeavouring toward the ""crossroads"" where the music takes over and leads both the player and the listener in new and unexpected directions. Anthony teaches jazz at his local primary school on Sydney's Northern Beaches and he believes strongly in the importance of the learning and appreciation of music in the growth and development of children. Anthony also recognises the role music plays and has played across and between modern and historical cultures. He especially loves musically exploring, connecting and juxtaposing those cultures. By day Anthony is the principal of his own law firm also based on Sydney's Northern Beaches.